Talk to the Entities : Spirits of the Earth

A TTTE Specialty Class by Shannon O'Hara.

We are not alone

All around us in the natural world the being of the tress, earth and water, all of nature live quietly.
Often unacknowledged, unrecognized and seen by few.

Yet they are always contributing to the earth, always contributing to the vitality of life and waiting for us to work with them once again for the magic that living on this planet can be.

What could and would your life be like if you consciously opened up to and worked with the earth spirits not as fantasy but through actual receiving and presence and consciousness.

I invite you to play. What can we change, what beings will join us and what if all of the magic, sparkle, peace and power you have always heard from the earth was true?

Will you choose?


3 day 


  • TTTE Advanced (within 24 months)


$2500 USD

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